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Use threadlockers to add adhesive strength to your nuts and bolts. Threadlockers are resistant to many common chemicals and are available in a wide variety of strengths. Threadlockers adhere quickly to all nuts and bolts and are effective across a wide range of temperatures.

Widely Effective
Threadlockers come in many different strengths that are suitable for a variety of jobs. Whether you need a permanent adhesive to last a lifetime or a temporary way to strengthen a nut or bolt, using threadlocker is the ideal solution. Temporary threadlockers can be easily removed with the application of heat, but permanent threadlockers are often resistant to high temperatures.

Suitable for All Conditions
Threadlockers are RoHS compliant, meaning that they are resistant to leaded petrol, brake fluid, acetone, and ethanol. This makes threadlockers ideal for use in environments where other means of strengthening nuts and bolts are often ineffective. For non-threaded connections, consider using super glue, which carries many of the same strengths and functionality as threadlocker. Threadlockers function at a wide range of temperatures and are therefore useful for high- and low-temperature environments and general purpose applications.

Quick and Simple
Using threadlockers is as simple as squeezing the paste or rubbing the tube onto a nut or bolt and then using the nut or bolt as normal. Threadlockers dry quickly, allowing you to move on the other things while the connection dries yet ensuring the bolt stays in place. Threadlockers do not require oxygen to dry and therefore can be immediately installed in anaerobic environments. Threadlockers are sold in small tubes, allowing for easy transport in a toolbox or utility belt.

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