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3M Double Sided Foam Tape

Dampen vibrations or protect surfaces against impact using double-sided foam tape. Select standard-grade tapes for mounting and joining purposes, or use professional-grade tape to bond a variety of plastics. Since this tape is sticky on both sides, it can be used to add adhesive to any surface.

Adds Protection
Use double-sided foam tape to dampen vibrations on delicate surfaces, protecting sensitive items from damage. This tape also adds an extra level of impact resistance by helping evenly distribute stress to the entire surface area, reducing the chance of breakage due to weak spots. Seal windows or other objects in damp areas to prevent water damage using double-sided foam tape.

Multipurpose Use
Ensure a secure bond between different types of plastic by using double-sided foam tape to join them together. Fill in gaps in irregular surfaces to provide extra stability, or use this tape to attach glass to frames of diverse materials. This high-quality tape can be used to eliminate the need for fasteners, bolts, and screws, giving you a fast fix when you're strapped for time. It can also be used to attach items such as dispensers to a wide variety of substrates, making mounting simple.

Strong Adhesive
Keep joined items securely combined thanks to the powerful adhesives on both sides of double-sided foam tape. Since it's designed for use in a wide range of temperatures, you can find the exact type of tape you need no matter your climate or the conditions you're working in. Powerful adhesives ensure double-sided foam tape adheres well to a wide variety of materials, including metal, glass, and most types of plastic, giving you added peace of mind.


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