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Non Woven Disc Abrasives

Nonwoven disc abrasives let you quickly grind down metal parts. Small businesses working in construction or fabrication benefit greatly from the right abrasive surfaces. Others may wish to keep disc abrasives around the office to handle minor repairs or cosmetic touchups.

Grind Down Troublesome Areas
Disc abrasives let you quickly grind down areas that may be hard to carve. Abrasives attach easily to most power grinders and drills, letting you quickly remove material with a minimum of effort.

Smooth Surfaces
Fine-grit abrasives let you easily smooth bumpy or coarse surfaces. For greater precision, try steel wool strips.

Clear Away Rust
Rust accumulation on metal surfaces is no match for a coarse or medium nonwoven disc abrasive. Simply attach the abrasive to your power tool and strip away the rust with ease.
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