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Sealants & Caulking

Sealants and caulking are formulated to create an airproof or waterproof barrier in joints or gaps and include products for household, automotive and professional trade use. Many have adhesive properties, so they can also hold parts securely. Use these products to seal joints around windows, repair asphalt paths or driveways, create watertight plumbing connections or install automotive glass. Staples carries a variety of caulking and sealing products from manufacturers such as Loctite, Permatex, Red Devil and many others.

Easy to Apply
Most of these products come in packages with built-in applicators that make them simple to use. Caulk, silicon adhesive sealers and asphalt or roof repair compounds come in tubes designed for use with a caulking gun or in squeeze tubes for smaller jobs. Specialty products for plumbing fixtures or electrical connections are often liquids that can be brushed or sprayed on to ensure all surfaces receive full coverage before you join them.

These products can also bond to a variety of surfaces, depending on the sealer chosen. No matter what sort of material you're using; wood, metal, plastic or glass, there's a sealer that can handle the task. Many sealers and caulks are formulated to dry quickly and minimize odors produced by the curing process. Some even change color as they cure, making it easy to tell when the job is complete. Available in a range of package sizes, these products make it easy to buy just the material you need for the task at hand, large or small.

Household Sealant Solutions
Whether repairing a minor leak, installing a new faucet or resealing an entire kitchen, there are caulk and sealer products that can handle the job. Silicone caulk creates a waterproof, mildew-resistant barrier that's an excellent choice for sealing joints around plumbing fixtures such as sinks and tubs. Caulk also comes in a range of colors designed to match any tile or wall. Foam insulation creates an airtight seal in walls or ceilings, and window and door caulk is an ideal way to prepare your home for cold weather. Fireplace and stove sealants offer flame-proof protection for repairing chimneys or wood stoves.

Specialty Products for Trade Applications
Construction and industrial sealing tasks need products designed to solve specific problems. Materials such as liquid gaskets and rubber sealers are ideal for automotive applications. Flexible acrylic or polyurethane caulk produces a reliable seal between components that expand and contract such as shingles, vents and asphalt. Materials such as thread tape or pipe paste create watertight seals for plumbing applications, and architectural-grade butyl caulk is formulated for use in below-grade construction or on exposed exterior surfaces. Specialty sealers are available for unique needs such as sealing refrigerant lines, high-temperature pipes and fixtures or creating high-strength joints between wood surfaces.

Caulks and sealers are easy to use and work with a broad range of materials. They include products for general household use, challenging industrial and construction applications or sealing tasks in the garage. Find options to take on any job when you shop the products available at Staples.
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