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Rubber Bands

Rubber bands serve multiple purposes in many industries and their versatility makes them must-have supplies. They work well in homes, offices, classrooms and retail settings as an organizational tool for bundling papers and binding items together temporarily. In addition to their own brand, Staples carries an array of sizes and colors from popular brands such as JAM Paper and Alliance.

Choose From Several Sizes for Special Needs
Rubber bands come in a wide assortment of sizes and thicknesses for all purposes, from general office duties to shipping, retail and food use. They range from under an inch to over 7 inches long. Smaller units are ideal for bundling writing utensils or small stacks of paper, while larger sizes work well to keep trash liners in place and secure the contents of large files together. They come in handy in classrooms for use in science experiments, testing the strength and flexibility of the rubber against other materials.

Thinner widths work well for holding hair in a ponytail or securing flower stems together in a bouquet. Those with thick widths are often used in the farming and retail to bundle produce together. Not only do they keep bunches of herbs and vegetables bound, many companies also print product lookup codes or PLCs on them for easy identification at the cash register.

Color-Code for Organization
Since they come in a variety of colors, it's easy to use them to color-code and organize materials. Place a specific color rubber band on priority files to distinguish them from others in a cabinet, or around items to be shipped with special instructions. You can buy mixed packages that contain several shades in one bag or buy them separately from companies like JAM Paper. Others come in a ball format for a fun and functional desk decoration. Unwind them as the need arises and wrap loose ones over to keep them handy after use.

For keeping rubber bands together, consider a cup for your desk or purchase them in a resealable bag. Many also come as part of an office supplies kit in a carry case or box, or you can opt for those that come in a dispenser for easy access at home and in the office.

Several Materials for Varying Preferences
Despite their name, many rubber bands aren't made with 100 percent rubber. Some use filler materials while others use a polyurethane material that resembles plastic. These offer the same dexterity but have a lighter weight that some people find more beneficial. Those who suffer from sensitivities and allergies will find that most brands offer a latex-free option with the same holding strength. Some bands have a smooth surface, while others have a thicker texture for improved grip.

Get Convenience with Multiple Package Sizes
Shoppers can buy these handy office supplies in multiple package sizes from small bags of 25 units to large boxes that contain over 1,000. Some industries, particularly those who use them for produce and retail use, can benefit from the auto-restock program that delivers them at user-specified intervals to ensure they're always available.
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