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Google Chromebooks make it easy to browse the internet from almost anywhere with wireless Internet access. Chat with friends or collaborate on work projects with ease. Simple online access and powerful lightweight components make Chromebooks a great choice for modern students and workers.

Quick Research
Put the Internet to work for you with quick access to online encyclopedias and news articles. The ability to quickly research market conditions or homework assignments can save you time and enhance productivity. Online access also allows you to view how-to videos for troubleshooting or repair of tools and equipment.

Easy Collaboration
Powerful Chromebooks make it easy to share thoughts and projects with coworkers, family or friends. Integrated access to Google Drives and Gmail or other Google-based features allow for fast and simple collaboration, helping you get more done and make the most of your time. To further enhance the capabilities of your Chromebook, check out USB-powered portable accessories.

Simple Integration
Each Chromebook boasts a variety of ports and wireless integration features that allows it to work with many peripheral devices. Quickly and easily attach input devices or external monitors to your system to create striking presentations. Use wireless streaming to connect to other devices to share information or print copies of downloaded materials.

Android Operating System
The versatile Google Android operating system powers the Chromebook. Pick up applications and programs through the Google Play store to customize your advanced netbook to meet your business, education or entertainment needs. The wide selection of Android-ready software available online delivers exactly the features you need in a form that works best with the keyboard input or touchscreen interface of your Google Chromebook.

And of course, Staples has a huge assortment of laptops and tablets if you want a more traditional or purer mobile computing option.


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