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Adhesive Transfer Tape

Tackle a range of mounting projects with adhesive transfer tape, which is engineered to create permanent bonds. Many varieties come in convenient multi-packs, so you can keep a supply on hand. Find the right tape for any surface from brands such as Scotch and 3M.

Strong Adhesion
Many adhesive transfer tape products are coated on both sides with aggressive fixatives that create a firm, long-lasting hold on even the toughest surfaces. Each side offers an equal level of adhesion, making the tape an ideal solution for framing and photo mounting. Other varieties have a single tacky side to join or overlap objects. The adhesive works on a range of substrates, from flat walls to rough fabric.

Convenient Widths
Adhesive transfer tape is available in multiple widths, each offering a different level of support. Select tape that is two inches wide to fasten large objects safely. When you are working with small displays or lightweight substrates like scrapbooking albums, opt for tapes in 1/4-inch and 3/4-inch widths. 

Varied Colors
Select clear adhesive transfer tape to join objects together without drawing attention to the seams. Tapes are also available in solid colors and patterns, which make them easier to spot on a large surface. Select plaid tapes in eye-catching shades of black and yellow for maximum visibility.

Easy Application
Each adhesive transfer tape variety comes with a protective backing to ensure the integrity of the adhesive. To apply the tape, simply pull a length off of the roll and remove the backing. Most tape varieties fit into an ATS gun for easy and convenient application. The gun peels away the protective backing and winds it up to allow easy cleanup.


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