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Patient Apparel

Supplying patient apparel helps you foster germ-resistant health facilities by restricting bacteria to areas where staff can safely sterilize it. Disposable garments speed up treatment procedures and reduce health risks. Find apparel for a variety of patient sizes, ages, and treatment settings.

Streamline Interaction with Patients
Patient gowns give medical staff easy access to the body when performing exams or checking vital signs. Gowns feature lightweight, loose-fitting designs for free range of movement and simple closures, such as ties and snaps, to enable fast dressing and undressing. Stock up on disposable gowns to provide patients with easily removable clothing during treatment while isolating harmful contaminants after each procedure.

Promote Hygienic Practices
Keep a reliable supply of disposable scrubs and coveralls available when your employees frequently work with hazardous materials or need an unexpected change of clothing. Disposable exam capes and protectors provide short-term body coverage for patients and fast post-treatment cleanup for staff, reducing contact with waste and germs. For further protection, stock up on a variety of infection control products to keep the spread of bacteria in check.

Accommodate Infants and Parents
Welcome your facility's youngest patients into a safe, nurturing environment by providing infants and parents with everything they need to feel comfortable. Clothe babies in soft, latex-free infant shirts, booties, and caps that are gentle on delicate skin and keep little ones warm in drafty rooms. Complementary baby gear, such as travel mugs and diaper bags, help you congratulate new parents and assist them in caring for newborn patients.

Reduce Mealtime Cleanup
Use bibs and mealtime protectors to prevent foods or fluids from soiling patient clothing during feedings. Protectors easily fasten around a patient's neck to catch drips and spills. Throw them out after meals to shorten cleanup times.

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