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Name Tags & Badges

Name and ID badges allow workers or guests to easily identify one another. These tools allow security personnel to tell at a glance whether or not someone should be in a potentially sensitive or hazardous area. Badges can help keep both workers and guests safe in your place of business.

Quick Identification
ID badges are an easy way to provide quick identification for security purposes or general interaction in a business environment. The use of name badges lets people quickly learn the names of their peers at conferences or other gatherings. Badges also help identify members of security or staff to visitors to a location who are attending events.

Sensitive Access
Many modern name badges integrate with key card systems to prevent access for those who do not have clearance to sensitive business areas. These include systems that attach the name badge to the front of a magnetic key or ID badges designed to hold traditional keys for locks. To help keep security keys organized, try key control accessories.

Workplace Safety
Unauthorized workers allowed on site can pose a serious safety risk, especially in areas where employees receive extensive training on safe operation of tools or handling of materials. Name and ID badges make it easy to identify those who shouldn't be in an area and escort them safely outside of dangerous zones. This can prevent accidents from occurring and harming workers or guests.

Information Security
Businesses today deal with a wide variety of potentially sensitive information as well as access to sensitive facilities or hazardous zones. The use of an ID badge can help ensure that visitors do not wander into areas where they may stumble upon privileged information. This includes call centers where credit card numbers are regularly voiced aloud and data storage areas.
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