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Alcohol Pads

Alcohol Pads- Disinfectant and ProtectiveStock your first-aid kit with alcohol pads and swabs to disinfect minor cuts and burns at the office, sterilize skin prior to an injection, or sanitize medical equipment. Choose from sterile or non-sterile pads and from small-count to jumbo boxes to get the size you need.DisinfectReduce the chances that a minor cut or burn at the office gets infected by using these alcohol pads to disinfect the area before dressing the wound. Each single-use pad is saturated with isopropyl alcohol to kill germs on contact. Alcohol pads are also appropriate for cleaning the skin prior to delivering an injection or making a small incision. If someone on your staff needs routine injections, such as for allergies or persistent conditions, alcohol swab sticks are especially well-suited to quickly disinfecting the skin.Sizes to Suit Every BusinessAlcohol pads can dry out over time, so stock up your office first-aid kit, but mind expiration dates. Choose small count boxes for workforces under 12 people, which can get by on a box of 20 to 50 pads, or browse large boxes of up to 1,000 pads for your large business or medical office. Sterile for SafetyIf you're shopping for a medical office, choose sterile alcohol pads, which are manufactured to strict standards that ensure no traces of harmful bacteria, making them appropriate for patients with compromised immune systems and serious medical tasks such as inserting a catheter. If you are stocking up your small business's first aid kit for treating only minor incidents, non-sterile pads are an acceptable choice.Clean and SanitizeThough designed for medical use, alcohol pads come in handy to clean everything from sticky fingers to grimy keyboards and mirrors. Medical offices often use the pads to quickly disinfect stethoscopes and similar equipment. The alcohol can lift off permanent marker stains and sterilize surfaces, such as messy tables with nonporous and unfinished tops.


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