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Spray Guns

Spray guns make it easy for you to maintain your fleet's engines in-house. Any employee can operate an engine cleaning gun to spray solvents that clean engines and other machinery. Accessories like tank liners and spray socks ensure the gun operator does a professional job.

Easy to Use
Spray guns are designed for easy use by anyone who knows how to use a garden hose. The 10-inch-long nozzle allows the gun operator to remain at a distance, so there is little chance of getting sprayed by solvent. Use a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes while using the gun.

Convenient Adjustments
Adjustable pressure settings ensure spray guns can be used for a variety of purposes. The pressure valve can also be adjusted easily by hand.

Useful Accessories
Invest in accessories that are designed to make using spray guns more convenient. These accessories protect your body and make it easier to handle solvents.
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