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ESL & ELL Resource Books

Use English as a second language and English language learners resource books to engage bilingual students more effectively. Improve English retention rates, and maintain legal academic development standards. Choose books from educational publishers including Carson-Dellosa and Instructional Fair.

Maintain Standards
Use English as a second language and English language learners resource books to maintain a high-quality learning environment that adheres to the legal standards of bilingual education. These resources help students hone their linguistic comprehension and academic learning style, giving educators the chance to adequately prepare each student for mandatory national testing. Give your students the greatest chance of success by using these resources to provide a classroom conducive to academic achievement.

Access a variety of English as a second language and English language learners publications that cater to multiple age groups to provide the same effective materials and teaching styles throughout a child's educational development. Familiar material may improve memory retention and bilingual development while cultivating greater academic absorption rates in general. Many publications offer graduated language and academic materials developed for different age groups from pre-K onward, providing you with the opportunity to continue using teaching methods that have previously proven successful.

Improved Dynamics
Bolster your relationship with the student while simultaneously improving upon your own linguistic abilities. Many resources written for English as a second language or English language learners environments are oriented toward both student and teacher. Becoming conversational in a student's native language improves your odds of reaching him on a deeper level. For quick translations when you need them, invest in educational reference materials, such as bilingual dictionaries, to keep right on your desk.

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