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Gardening Aprons

Wearing leather aprons, lead aprons, or synthetic aprons while working around sources of heat, abrasion, and other hazards keeps you and your clothing safe from damage. Fire-retardant coveralls are designed specifically for working around sparks that can ignite regular clothing. Choose the right apron for the job, and look for aprons with additional features such as pockets.

Safety and Convenience
Anchor Brand leather aprons protect against heat and abrasion, making them ideal for use during tasks such as sanding where abrasives are used with heat-generating equipment. These leather aprons feature convenient pockets and clips for tools.

Advanced Protection
Regular aprons do not cover the entire body, so we offer flame-retardant coveralls that include hoods and foot protection. These are ideal for welding and other situations where sparks are a known hazard, and you can also find heat-resistant welding gloves at Staples.

Special Protection
Aprons that protect against particle contamination keep even the smallest particles away from your clothing and body. You can also find cotton aprons that are flame resistant and protect against heat and abrasion.
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