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Leather Gloves

Wear leather palm gloves while hauling boxes, moving containers, or shifting inventory off pallets in the warehouse. These sturdy gloves protect your hands from cuts, abrasions, and debris. Choose from a variety of sizes to ensure you get a perfect fit.

Thick Protective Leather
The thick protective leather of these leather palm gloves makes them ideal for industrial or commercial worksites. Fingertip leather pads protect the most sensitive areas of your hands.

Secure Cuffs
Snug cuffs keep inclement weather and stray splashes out of your gloves, so you can work without worrying about things seeping in to affect your hands. The cuffs are flexible and comfortable, so they don't constrict your wrists either.

Large Box
These leather palm gloves come in packs designed to outfit everyone on your worksite. Look for boxes of 12 pairs of gloves to ensure that all employees are well protected.
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