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Sleeves & Bibs

Sleeves and bibs prevent messy and unsanitary work conditions from ruining uniforms and endangering your health. Made from nonporous materials that create a barrier between you and liquids, sleeves and bibs are the economical way to stay clean. Anchor Brand and Dupont are only two of the brands that offer a selection of this type of protective gear.

Efficient Protection
Sleeves and bibs are designed to cover the part of body that will encounter the mess. You don't have to waste time putting on an entire outfit when a sleeve is enough to do the job.

Easy Sizing
With elastic ends and Velcro closures, sleeves and bibs can fit a wide range of sizes. Pick a size range from small to extra large and adjust your protective gear to your own dimensions.

Stay Sanitary
Keep a supply of disposable sleeves and bibs on hand for messy jobs where sanitary conditions are important. Use your body covers with disposable gloves for greater protection.
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