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Welding Gloves

Welding gloves are made with different materials, like split cowhide and leather, so you can use the kind that is comfortable for you. The gloves protect you against the heat from welding and from potential damage from tools. They come in different sizes, letting you find a pair that fits well.

When you're welding, welding gloves and protective eyewear are just some of the items you need. They keep your skin and body protected, so you can work safely.

Color Choice and Materials
Welding gloves come in different colors, like red or tan, so that you and your coworkers can have clearly different gloves if you'd prefer. You can get gloves made with leather or split cowhide and those that have high cuffs, short cuffs, and more.

Different Sizes
There are many sizes of welding gloves, so you can choose a pair that fits. There are small sizes for women and men with smaller hands and large pairs for those who have longer or wider hands.
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