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Anesthesia Systems & Supplies

Choose the right anesthesia systems and supplies for your office or hospital to make surgical procedures go as smoothly as possible. Suitable for use during dental procedures and other surgeries, these supplies feature durable construction that can help patients relax while undergoing a procedure.

Latex-Free Designs
Help patients with allergies to latex feel more comfortable when going through surgery with latex-free supplies and systems. Made from metal, plastic, and other materials, the supplies and systems will not cause a reaction in a patient diagnosed with a latex allergy.

Suitable for Use with Different Machines
Search for supplies that work with all the machines that you use in your office, or look for new systems to replace the systems you currently have. Airway components work with the machines that monitor the breathing of patients and work with different systems, and adapters let you connect and use two machines or systems at the same time.

Prevent Infections
Prevent infections that might otherwise spread throughout your facility with anesthesia supplies that you can reuse or throw away. Use surgical equipment sterilization machines to clean metal and other supplies and tools every night. With disposable supplies, you can toss those items away once you finish performing a procedure.

Put Patients at Ease
Make your patients feel completely at ease with anesthesia equipment that will make them feel comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. Airways with a flat side won't rub against their mouths or cause them any discomfort. Other supplies will let patients drift off and remain asleep and comfortable until you finish the procedure.

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