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With antacids close by, you can ease the symptoms of indigestion and upset stomach. Fast-acting ingredients rapidly reach the area of discomfort to reduce acid buildup. Purchase individually packaged pills for easy dispensing to staff or visitors.

Alleviate Digestive Conditions
Indigestion can start after your lunch break, during a meeting, or at any other time, so keep antacids available to reduce digestive pain and symptoms from stomach discomfort and heartburn. You can also find brands such as Prevacid that contain antigas or laxative properties to flush out unpleasant buildup in the intestinal tract.

Choose Your Preferred Ingredients
With ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate and milk of magnesia, antacids are effective at quickly relieving stomach cramps and indigestion. However, each brand uses specific ingredient combinations that are more or less effective for different users, so stock up on the products that work for you.

Consume Antacids with Ease
Antacids are available in multiple formats to make consumption comfortable for different users. Individually wrapped pills reduce the spread of germs in busy offices, while some chewable pills, flavored varieties, and liquid antacids are safe for children.
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