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With antifungals in your medicine cabinet or first aid kid, you're prepared to handle any unexpected yeast- or fungus-based infection. Treating the skin with a non-prescription antifungal cream is simple, and no prior medical experience is required. Convenient tubes make antifungals easy to carry.

Quick Relief
Antifungals are effective at relieving pain and itching caused by fungal growth on the skin surface, and relief starts almost immediately upon application. Treat athlete's foot, vaginal yeast infections, jock itch, and ringworm with products that contain the active antifungal ingredient miconazole nitrate. Antifungals are designed to selectively destroy fungal organisms without damaging the patient's skin, and latex-free tubes make the creams safe for use by people with latex allergies.

Skin Protection
Antifungal creams leave an oily film atop the treated skin to trap the active ingredient in place and to create a barrier against moisture that could encourage more fungal growth. Antifungals can be used on dry or damp skin, so they can be applied after a shower, before a workout, or between activities. Soothing ingredients moisturize the skin during the treatment process, while lightly scented creams disguise any medicinal aroma.

Bulk Packs
Buy antifungals in bulk to keep your medical office, wellness center, or fitness facility well stocked, or include them in first aid kids provided to employees. Because fungal infections can move quickly from person to person in shared facilities, maintaining a sufficient supply can help halt the spread of an infection. Keep your shared space free of infectious agents with cleaning chemicals and disinfectant wipes so you can prevent future waves of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections.

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