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Eye Patches

Eye patches come in many forms, from sterile patches that cover surgical wounds to those made to help with lazy eyes. There are latex-free types as well as cotton forms, so you can choose the one that is comfortable for you. Some packs include more than one patch, so you can switch to a new one when the old patch becomes uncomfortable or dirty.

Sterile Patches
If you've been practicing first aid, you may want to purchase a first aid kit. You can include eye patches for potential incidents, such as trauma to the eye during a sporting event.

Different Styles
You can find many styles of eye patches that will suit your needs. There are sterile patches, latex-free patches, and those created to look like eye shields instead of patches that wrap around the head.

Various Uses
Your eyes may have a number of conditions that need treatment that includes using an eye patch. If you have retinal damage or another trauma occur, the eye patch will protect and cover the wound.
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