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As Seen on TV

Solve everyday problems with these As Seen on TV items, from microwaves steamers and egg separators to magic hangers and mosquito nets. If you've ever wondered where to purchase the products you've seen on those late-night television ads, you can browse a large selection of them right here.

Help in the Kitchen
Whether you are trying to steam vegetables, work with eggs, or get ready for a picnic, these As Seen on TV products are the solutions. A microwave steamer is an everyday workhorse, providing healthy vegetables for your family, while the egg cracker cracks and separates eggs perfectly. If you're having a picnic, select food covers keep your food safe from bugs.

Solutions for the Bedroom
If you constantly need more space in your bedroom, bed raisers are a way to provide it by making room for more underbed storage boxes, and magic hangers help provide more room in the closet. If you like to keep your windows open but want to keep the mosquitoes out, the mosquito net is large enough to cover most beds.

Healthy Solutions for Your Body
From your head to your feet, these products keep you healthy. From toothbrush kits to memory-foam shoe inserts, they keep you feeling fresh and ready to go. Pill cutters make cutting pills of any shape a snap, helping you take the medications you need, and the lotion application provides relief to your dry skin.

Around the House and Garden
If dust frustrates you, find microfiber dusting mitts and other cleaning supplies to simplify housework. Protect that clean house with a door-stop alarm that keeps your home safe and is easy to install on any door.

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