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Play audiobooks in your classroom to help the facts from your students' textbooks come alive, or give your tired eyes a break and listen to an audiobook during a late-night study session. Listen to the rich, clear voices that represent brands like ElderSong and Edutunes as they share their stories.

Accomplish More
Audiobooks make it simple for teachers and students to multitask. Grade tests or draft lesson plans as your students listen to an educational book, or clean your bedroom as you study for an upcoming exam. Many digital downloads and CDs have a pause and/or rewind option, so you can conveniently pick up where you left off if you prefer not to do several things at once.

Improved Comprehension
Master the proper pronunciation of hard-to-say words by listening to an audiobook instructor verbally explain different terms. Auditory learners can easily grasp important ideas or memorize essential facts after hearing them explained by the smooth voice of an audiobook reader. Pair audiobooks with learning games or workbooks so that visual learners can also easily identify key concepts in the classroom.

Learn on the Go
Refresh your memory or learn new skills whenever you're ready by loading audiobooks on your tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Make the work commute pass by quickly as you listen to an instructor explain business techniques from your digital device, or slip on a pair of headphones and listen to nonfiction books during a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. Fiction audiobooks are also available, so you can unwind after a busy day or drift off to sleep listening to the brilliant work of your favorite author.

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