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Awards & Recognition

Add a professional touch to the awards you create for your employees, children or students with certificate paper that stands out. Choose parchment, linen, laid or card stock paper with or without borders to enhance the look of these documents. Staples offers several types of paper for creating awards and other documents for display.

Choosing a Type of Certificate Paper
Card stock is thicker than regular copy paper, which improves its durability and reduces bleeding. This type of paper is available in a variety of thicknesses, colors and finishes to make the certificates stand out when displayed. Another option is parchment writing paper. Parchment is available in light colors, such as white, off-white or antique gold. Paper that's aged gives the document a vintage look. Use light-colored paper for certificates so each award's lettering is visible from a distance.

Textured linen paper adds a classic look and feel to certificates and awards. An additional choice is laid paper, which stands out with horizontal and vertical ribs that run across it. Most types of certificate papers, including textured, are compatible with inkjet and laser printers.

Using Paper with Borders
You can laminate paper that has a border and display it without a frame or holder. Paper borders are a nice touch for certificates. These decorative borders are available with plain, straight lines with thicknesses that vary, as well as more elaborate designs such as stars, ribbons, flowers, snowflakes and leaves. Some borders are made of shiny foil for visual appeal.

Why Use an Acid-Free Certificate Paper?
To create certificates that will be on display for years without turning yellow, fading or disintegrating, choose a paper with a neutral pH of 7 or a higher pH because they are acid-free. This paper lasts longer than others when exposed to light and air; archival paper is acid-free for this reason.

Should You Use Certificate Paper Kits?
Most certificate paper kits come with different types of paper as well as gold or silver foil seals or ribbons. The foil seals are usually either blank or embossed with emblems and meaningful words. Ribbons come in a variety of colors, including black, red, white and blue. Kits are available in packages of 25 or 30, so you can issue multiple awards at once or keep them on hand to reward employees, students and children for excellent work.

How Should You Display Certificate Paper?
Keep your awards, diplomas and degrees on display in certificate holders. Many have clear glass or plastic covers to protect documents from dirt, air and other elements. These frames add a touch of style to borderless certificates. Choose award holders with wood, metal or plastic frames.

Some diploma and degree holders have thick covers that you can flip open for display and close for storing. Most frames use wood, cardboard or plastic backings with metal clips to secure the certificate inside the holder and a wall hook to hang it. They often can display the document horizontally or vertically.
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