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Use a variety of the best highlighter markers to emphasize information so you and your clients can review important details quickly. Highlighters are perfect for drawing attention to key facts in research materials, making them easy to find when you need them. You'll always be able to find information quickly, saving time and wasted effort.

Convenient Styles
The best liquid highlighter markers & pens come in a variety of styles, so you can find just the right size for hours of comfortable use from trusted brands such as BIC and Sharpie. Choose a tank style for big projects that require lots of ink, or choose a stick style for easy portability.

Thin or Thick Tips
With both thin and broad tips available, you'll be able to find a highlighter type that works well for a variety of projects, big and small. Pair them with a few reliable pens to make note taking quick and easy.

Multiple Colors
With multiple colors to choose from, you can easily color code reports, research, and study materials. You'll be able to locate information quickly when you need it.

Staples has the widest assortment of the best highlighters so you can leave your mark. To add a more permanent touch of color, browse our great permanent marker selection. We also have colorful dry erase markers to ensure you give great presentations. Browse our writing supplies today!

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