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Back & Waist Supports

Back and waist supports relieve back pain by supporting and stabilizing weak and injured muscles. Choose adjustable braces constructed from breathable fabrics for maximum patient comfort. Stock a supply of universal back braces for employees to use for heavy lifting to reduce the risk of injury.

Relieve Back Pain
Back and waist supports relieve back pain from muscle and spine injuries by providing extra support across the back and throughout the waist area. Belts with TENS support provide additional pain relief by holding TENS wires and electrodes in place during therapeutic electrical nerve stimulation. Choose back supports with pulley systems and moldable insert plates to relieve pressure on the spine for better pain relief for spine disorders.

Support for Healing
The proper use of back supports decreases stress on injured areas to facilitate faster healing. Increase exercise with the use of back supports to reduce pain and tension. Regular exercise improves muscle function and reduces the risk of re-injury.

Provide Comfort
Back and waist supports help patients increase their independence following back injuries. Choose supports that are easy for patients to put on by themselves to provide stress and pain relief as they complete their daily activities. Offer a selection of grooming and dressing aids to increase independence and confidence during the recuperation period.

Be Prepared
Supply adjustable back supports to employees who do heavy lifting and hard physical labor to reduce the risk of strains and pulls. Keep a back brace in your first aid area to provide immediate support following minor injuries. Stock supports in multiple sizes in your health care facility to minimize the wait time for patient relief.

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