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Tramontina Bakeware

Select from a wide array of bakeware items to stock your corner cafe, cupcakery, or home catering business. A diverse selection lets you find the sizes and styles you need, from muffin pans to Dutch ovens. Purchase dishwasher-safe items to reduce cleanup in your business.

Roast Meats and Vegetables
Select bakeware such as Dutch ovens or large open pans to prepare large cuts of meat such as pork roast. Slice meats for individual portions alongside mashed potatoes or roasted vegetables in a family diner, or slow cook meat in your oven for use in pulled barbecue sandwiches at a festival food stand. Large pans can also be used for cooking stews and sides in commercial ovens.

Create Baked Goods
Purchase specialty bakeware including muffin pans or cake pans in various shapes and sizes to create beautiful items for the restaurant dessert cart. Stock your kitchen with pan sets so the right tool is on hand to deal with a special catering order, or add specialty items to your home-bakery menu with help from miniature pans or cookie presses.

Serve in Style
Bakeware appropriate for oven-to-table service lets you serve guests in style. Wait staff can deliver piping hot meat pies or flaming entrées to customers when you cook in quality stone baking dishes. Colorful pan options let you customize bakeware selections to match your brand or decor. Couple your selection of baking dishes with dinnerware that creates an appropriate ambiance at each table in your establishment.

Products for Long-term Use
Choose high-quality bakeware from brands you trust and enjoy long-term use, even in a busy commercial kitchen. Generous warranties, proven products, and commercial-weight designs let you make purchasing decisions for your food business with confidence.


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