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Staples is the place for a wide assortment office supplies, including some of the best, most durable pens. You'll find a big selection of different types of standard pens as single models, multipacks and in bulk, including personalized pens for business advertising or personal use. Find different types of ink, different color pens, custom pens and even pens that are environmentally friendly.

Ink for Every Occasion

Ballpoint pens are ideal for filling in forms and quickly signing documents. Good quality ballpoints are reliable and long-lasting, and the ink is less likely to dry out in between uses. For a smoother feel and look on paper, try rollerball and gel ink pens, which typically come in .sizes from .5 to 1 millimeter. Rollerball pens have the advantage of writing fluidly and are a smart choice for people who prefer writing in script. Staples has a large selection of retractable pens, which are preferable for some as they don't have caps that can go missing. Fountain pens offer a classic touch, look like custom pens and are ideal for calligraphy or delicate penmanship. Staples also has refillable pens and their corresponding refill components for convenience, as well as countertop pens, which are ideal for attaching to a bank or reception table. Many types of pens are available as personalized pens directly from Staples, which are an ideal choice for small businesses.

Wide Range of Colors

Staples has an ample selection of ballpoint, gel and rollerball pens in traditional black and blue ink for formal documents and papers, but some applications call for different colors of ink. Red ink is ideal for people who need to make corrections, such as teachers and professors. Staples carries an assortment of the best pens for the home or office, and it also carries pens that come in green, purple and even gold ink for art and creative projects.

Popular Brands

Staples has many different brands of the best pens, including Papermate, BIC, Pilot, Pentel and Uniball. There are discount models of rollerball and gel pens from brands including Avery, Zebra and Staples. Some brands produce pens that are well-suited to drawing and sketching, such as JAM Paper. Consumers can opt for personalized pens from a variety of popular brands. These custom pens can have names and/or company logos added via screen printing or laser engraving, enabling consumers to market their business in a simple and effective way.

When it comes to stocking your home or business with the best pens at the best prices, look no further than Staples. Customers can find a wide selection of different types and brands of pens to meet any project need. Staples is also the place to go for personalized pens to help customers market their business and give a proprietary feel to their office supplies.
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