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The best pens are necessary for any business, so finding the right one for your needs is important. We have the best pen brands and types, including gel ink pens, rollerball pens, ballpoint pens, porous point / felt tip pens, countertop pens, and more. We also offer custom and personalized pens if you are looking to add your business logo or have your name engraved! So, no matter what you need, from inexpensive ones that customers can take home to a fine writing instrument for your desk, you can find the right one. You can use our cool and nice pens at home, at the office, and even in the classroom to encourage creativity.

Several Types of Ink

Some projects require nice pens with a specific type of ink. Gel ink, for example, usually helps you write smoothly. Refillable ink pens enable you to keep a favorite writing instrument and simply change the cartridge when necessary.

Variety of Uses

Ballpoint pens are ideal if you are completing carbon-copy forms or writing carbon-copy checks. Fine writing instruments are a great choice for signing formal documents or displaying on your desk. We also have cool art pens that make creating colorful posters and signs easy.


With countertop pens, you can allow customers to write freely without worrying about nice pens being taken. Even if you just want a cool personal pen, you can choose a unique design to ensure you know if someone borrows your pen.

Custom Pens
Design custom pens to promote your business! Every time someone uses one of your pens, they'll see your branding and think of your business. You can easily add your business's information to a variety of different pens with Staples Copy & Print. 

We have a huge selection of the best nice pens for any project or presentation, including a diverse highlighter assortment and a wide variety of markers. Shop our selection today and save!
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