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Electronics & Computer Storage

Computer storage solutions protect your computer equipment and can recharge them as well. Whether you need a way to bulk charge laptops or a method of keeping your computers safe from dust and debris, these storage systems have you covered. Put your devices in and they'll stay protected.

Safe Computer Storage

Factories and warehouses are dangerous places for electronics, particularly as even the smallest piece of metal or carbon can take down a computer if it gets sucked in through the air vents. Computer storage systems encase your computer, including the monitor, in a mobile unit with a Plexiglas front so that it's completely protected. A pullout keyboard lets you manipulate data on the screen or change settings, and some include ports for mice or track balls.

Easy Security

Mobile carts ensure you can collect your laptops at the end of each day and then wheel them to your secure room for safekeeping. This can ensure that your laptops are covered in the event of a break-in. In addition, it allows you to check how many laptops are around at the end of each day, making accountability easy. You can then chase up missing laptops with the relevant person, ensuring these valuable electronics do not go missing.

Bulk Charging

When your facility uses numerous laptops or tablets, you need a reliable way to keep them charged overnight. Laptop carts ensure that you can charge your company's laptops or tablets in one location. Tablets are typically placed on their sides for charging to enhance space efficiency, whereas laptops are often layered horizontally.

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