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Barcode Scanners & Readers

Create a high-quality point-of-sale setup to increase business and make customers happy. Install a high-speed bar code scanner to quickly ring up items. For payment, combine a magnetic stripe reader with a signature pad so that your customers can pay for their products with credit and debit cards.

Set up a point-of-sale system at your business to increase checkout speed, offer customers multiple ways to pay for items, and keep track of your inventory. If you need to reach products that are far away from the register, use a cordless Bluetooth bar code reader; otherwise, use a corded handheld scanner that doesn’t require recharges. With a magnetic stripe reader, a signature pad, and an MICR checker reader, you can increase profitability by accepting credit card, debit card, and check payments.

Many of these bar code scanners and readers are compatible with multiple versions of Windows, so you can easily set them up with your existing hardware. These products typically use standard drivers and require minimal installation. Use a USB dual-track swipe reader to process credit and debit card payments and scan loyalty program cards to offer repeat customers promotional offers.

Whether you're reaching out to new customers at a local festival or selling products at another venue away from your business, you can accept customers' payments through a magnetic card reader that attaches to the USB port of your Apple device. These devices encrypt data for security, and they allow you to increase sales by helping you reach new customers. Combine a portable magnetic card reader with a Bluetooth POS printer to offer your customers professional-quality service at any location.


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