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Better Binders

Keep archived documents protected and ensure they're easy to locate when needed with Better binders. Multiple sizes allow you to tailor your organization according to the number of sheets you need to store. Various binder colors allow you to separate types of data by assigning each a unique color.

Strong, Secure Storage
Store important documents, memos, and other important papers securely using Better binders. These binders feature reinforced rubberized spines and edges, allowing them to withstand frequent use without ripping and tearing. The sturdy D-rings inside these binders allow them to hold more paper without stress, adding even more durability. This makes these binders a long-lasting choice whether you're using the binder daily or storing it in a bookcase or shelf for later retrieval.

Multiple Sizes
Choose Better binders that will easily fit in your storage area and suit your professional needs, ensuring you won't overload your space and giving you the room you need for the project at hand. Narrow binders with a 1 1/2-inch spine that hold up to 400 sheets are perfect for narrow spaces and bin and cube storage. Binders with 2- and 3-inch spines that hold up to 540 and 600 sheets respectively offer alternative choices for larger projects or group efforts.

Simple to Organize
Label Better binders with ease thanks to easy-to-insert spine labels. Simplify your organization even more by choosing binders in specific colors for different types of information, so you can narrow down your hunt for stored documents with just a glance. Interior pockets inside these binders also give you space to stow non-standard materials related to the contents of the binder, reducing the chance of losing important information.


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