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Binder Accessories

Maximize Storage Space
Binder sleeves and folders help users maximize binder storage spacewith binder pockets, sleeves and folders. High-capacity pocketsprovide room for large numbers of pages in a single sleeve, which proves usefulwhen storing multiple projects in one binder. Pockets let users safely storeunpunched papers. For specific items such as business cards and standardphotographs, binder sleeves are readily available, divided into multipleindividual pockets. Pockets or cases that fit binder rings are ideal forstationery and basic supplies, and they keep pens

Protect Documentation
Ranging from lightweight to heavy-duty, protective, binder sleeves andfolders such as sheet protectors and pockets help maximize thelifespan of a binder's contents. Users can choose standard top-loading modelsor opt for a zippered pocket or binder folder. When sleeves aren'tin use, or to add additional strength to sleeves and protective inserts,self-adhesive reinforcing strips are a smart choice. These help minimize orrepair damage to the punched edge and reduce the risk of a sheet tearing loose. Binder inserts ideally require a nonstick construction for long-termstorage, preventing ink and toner lift or transfer. Where binders and documentsmay come into contact with multiple users or for storage in a health caresetting, anti-microbial binder inserts and sheet holders aidin killing unwanted microbes.

Fast, Easy Reference
Using binder tab dividers provides fast, easy reference. A multicoloredtabbed divider set with a table of contents sheet significantly enhancesorganization, letting users quickly identify the specific section they'reseeking. Dividers with bright or plain tabs are available, along with blank,erasable, label insert and preprinted tabs, letting users choose models thatmeet their project requirements. Self-adhesive label, spine card and pageholder binder sleeves and folders let users makeidentification simple by adding customized inserts.
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