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Blood Clotting Agents

Blood Clotting Agents- Quick and EffectiveFormulated to contain leaks from open wounds, blood clotting agents mingle with the blood in or around an injury to form a seal, protecting the patient from further complications arising from blood loss. They also create a layer of microbial protection from dirt and germs.EffectiveUse blood clotting agents for oozing from an existing injury or as a first response to a sudden cut. Blood clotting agents seal access points from recent vascular procedures or around ports for drainage tubes. Blood clotting powders can replace bandages for minor cuts and scrapes. The dried powder protects the wound from dirt and infection, then falls off naturally when the skin underneath has healed.Fast-ActingBlood clotting agents react to blood by drying it and causing it to thicken and form a scab or seal. Initial first aid protocols suggest applying pressure to a bleeding wound until the bleeding slows, stops or help arrives. Use blood clotting agents with pressure to accelerate stopping the flow of blood.Individual PacketsIndividual packets ensure that no contamination from repeated used can occur. Used in conjunction with other safety procedures—wearing gloves, cleaning up bodily fluids with appropriate wound care products and disposing of hazardous waste correctly—blood clotting agents provide a useful resource for first aid at home, at work, or at school.SafeBlood clotting agents comply with regulations from the Food and Drug Administration for products used topically. They contain no allergens, such as latex. Because blood clotting agents act independently of the body's function, their effectiveness does not diminish regardless of medications the injured person may be taking.


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