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Portable Speakers, Docks & Radios

With these portable speakers, docks, and radios, there's no need to be limited by power availability. They are designed to go wherever you go, making them ideal for trips, picnics, and outdoor adventures. Choose the perfect device from brands such as Audiovox and Cobra.

Portable Designs
Many of these portable speakers, docks, and radios are battery-operated, so you can take them anywhere. Choose battery-operated speakers for outdoor parties, picnics, or boating trips. Most portable items are compact and lightweight, enabling easy transportation. For maximum flexibility, look for items that also come with standard power cables.

Wireless Operation
Each of these portable speakers, docks, and radios is designed for wireless operation, giving you flexible usage options. When you're away from home or the office, stream music from your cell phone, tablet, or computer using Bluetooth speakers. A number of models have a range of 30 or more feet. For home use, choose speakers that connect to your Wi-Fi network to provide streaming audio — no cable connections required. 

High-Quality Audio
Made with the latest in audio technology, these speakers and radios ensure crisp, clear sound in any location. With options from legendary brands such as Bose and Beats, you'll find an option for your most sophisticated audio preferences. Choose from basic speakers for amplification or advanced models with proprietary acoustic drivers and passive bass radiators.

Easy Communication
Stay in touch during wilderness adventures with two-way radios and walkie-talkie sets. Many models can communicate clearly over a distance of 20 miles or more, making them excellent safety accessories for hunting, hiking, skiing, and camping. Simply select a channel and push a button to speak to the others in your party.
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