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Bookends & Racks

Bookends provide a sturdy method of keeping your office tidy. Whether keeping numerous file folders straight, books and manuals from tipping over, or organizing CDs and software, these racks make the process simple. The variety of configurations, materials and designs available ensure there is an option that works for most users.

Choosing the Right Material

Bookends come in many different materials, including steel, wire, marble, composite and brass. Heavy-gauge steel options with nonskid bottoms hold thick files and books without bending. Marble bookends add a decorative touch and the heavier weight keeps large stacks of materials upright.

Wire options organize multiple subjects and files for easy access. Composite materials, which are a blend of plastic and other fibers, provide strength and durability. Composite book , which come in different styles and shapes, add a decorative touch to any space while keeping desks and shelves free from clutter.

Brass gives a desk or shelf a polished, professional look while the added weight makes sure books and files remain secure.

Bookend Configurations Offer Versatility

The numerous configurations available ensure that there is a rack that works in most situations. A set of book holders includes two pieces, which lets users hold as few or as many books, files and other items as necessary.

These sets work well on bookshelves and desks, and the weight of each piece keeps the items between them from falling or shifting. Look for options with nonskid bottoms for even more stability.

Adjustable bookends expand and contract, making them an ideal solution for areas where files and manuals are removed or added frequently. Wire racks have several slots that keep individual subjects or multiple items separate, such as software, CDs and DVDs.

Add Functionality With Different Bookend Racks

A bookend offers different functionality based on the user's needs. While they keep books, manuals and file folders upright and orderly, the rack you choose can provide additional benefits. Wire or metal racks with multiple compartments can keep pens and pencils, notepads, handouts and other items organized.

Use two-piece sets for storing various colors and types of paper for quick access and inventory management in storage areas. Consider smaller, slotted racks for organizing employee files or for monitoring current projects in a smaller space. Adjustable bookends work well for storing CDs, DVDs and other small items in a way that keeps them organized and free from damage.

Decorative Bookend Options for Any Decor

Bookends come in many decorative shapes, colors and styles, allowing you to add your own touch to your workspace. Materials such as brass and marble are ideal for professional areas and add a hint of style. Look for acrylic and composite options in designs that reflect your interests, such as animals and musical instruments.

Many bookends and racks have mesh sides or cutouts in simple shapes, making them a good choice for contemporary offices. Users can also choose racks in a variety of colors, ensuring there is an option available that matches the schemes and decor in any office space.
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