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Booster Cables, Battery Clamps & Chargers

Booster cables, battery clamps, and chargers are the right tools when you want to keep your fleet of vehicles running. If you have a battery that dies, just recharge it with one of these items. Each accessory is easy to use with a minimum amount of manpower.

Give Your Vehicle a Boost
Keep that battery humming with these booster cables, battery clamps, and chargers. When your car needs a jump, these items will ensure that you are powered up and ready to hit the pavement. You can even check your battery to make sure it's powered while you're inspecting its fittings, checking the oil, or measuring the tire pressure with a tire gauge.

Clamps to Your Battery
When you're using these booster cables, battery clamps, and chargers, you can connect them to the top or side terminals. Attach the clamp between your charger or another car and restart your vehicle.

Made for Extreme Temperatures
Some of these clamps, cables, or chargers are designed to handle adverse weather. If you're out on the road and run into a battery issue, these tools will still be able to help you.
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