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Footwear & Covers

Protective footwear and covers for shoes include boots that protect you and your employees when you work in wet or cold conditions and covers for shoes that prevent tracking dirt onto clean floors. Choose from boots for working in slush or mud conditions, boots with steel toes to prevent damage from falling objects, or insulated boots for cold weather. Both disposable and reusable covers are available.

Protect Your Feet
Rubber boots keep water and chemical solutions away from your feet. Insulated rubber boots are made with layers of material that keep your feet warm even in the snow.

Protect Your Floors
Wear elastic-topped shoe covers from DuPont over your shoes, and keep a supply around for your staff and visitors to keep your floors clean and free of dirt. They are ideal for food service and medical use. Use disinfectants to clean floors and maintain top health standards.

Protect Your Shoes
Overboots, and leather chaps and spats by Anchor, protect your shoes and pants legs when you're working outdoors. Staples offers traction foot covers that you can wear on your shoes to walk on icy surfaces.


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