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Water Filters & Dispensers

Water dispensers & filters are an important part of your company’s space because they keep employees hydrated throughout the work day, which is necessary for a healthy and happy office. Water filters remove any solids in your tap water and make it taste great, and water dispensers remove the need for tap water by providing fresh water, right from the source. We have a wide selection of water coolers, faucet water filters, and water filtration systems.

  • Variety: Everything from basic water filters that can fit into your fridge to free standing hot/cold water dispensers & coolers.
  • Quality: We sell all of the lines of water dispensers and water filters you know the best: Pur, Brita, Sunbeam and many more.
  • Maintenance: Filtered water is only as good as the filter maintenance. Keep up your supply of Brita and Zero Water Filters and continue to enjoy the freshest, highest quality water. 
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