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Padded Envelopes & Bubble Mailers

Durable, Protective Cushioning

Protect shipped items without additional bulky packaging with these simple mailers. Save time and money by adding these to your shipping materials. Their small, flat size makes them easy to store in small areas, so you don't have to sacrifice storage space to keep a stock on hand. If bubble mailers are too small to ship what you need to ship, then check out our wide selection of moving boxes and bubble wrap to get the job done. 

Cushions Contents

The bubble lining of these mailers absorb jostles and shocks during transport, so the contents within stay safe. This ensures your products reach their destination undamaged, reducing the chance you need to spend extra money for replacement items. These are perfect for small, delicate items that don't need a full shipping box, such as jewelry and flash drives, or flat materials, such as books and papers. Ship in confidence with these mailers.

Durable Materials Withstand Travel Stress

These padded mailers are made of durable materials, such as rigid chipboard and Kraft paper with protective edge wings. The materials are usually waterproof and puncture resistant ensuring the exterior packaging remains intact throughout the shipping process. Since the exterior resists damage during shipment, the contents stay safe from external elements and debris, such as rainwater and dirt.

Quick, Easy Closures Save Time

Each mailer features a simple, efficient closure to reduce mail and ship time at the work place. A peel strip or easy-close locking tabs shave seconds off of your packaging time, an essential benefit for companies that regularly ship items. These closures provide a seal on the mailer that adds yet another barrier between the contents and the outside world of shipment. Streamline your packaging and shipment process with the quick, effective closures of these mailers.

Padded mailers allow you to ship just what you need for the right price, and for shipping items of a different size browse our selection of mailing tubes and corrugated mailers.  

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