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Packing Peanuts & Bubble Rolls

Protects and Cushions ItemsThese packing options provide a protective layer around items within shipping boxes or envelopes to prevent damage. Each type of packing fill specializes in protecting certain material, so using bubble wrap and packing tape together, you can keep anything safe. Preventing damage reduces the risk of having to send expensive replacement items.

Bubble Roll

Bubble wrap rolls and other bubble packing materials are flexible and versatile. Use sheets to wrap securely around any item and, with a little nudging, you can protect small nooks in pieces, such as delicate statues or electronics. Bubble material absorbs shocks and provides a buffer that keeps wrapped materials safe.

Packing Peanuts
This loose packing fill is perfect for filling up the extra space in large boxes. Peanuts take up space so that the package contents are unable to move and shift as much when tossed around during shipment, so there is less chance of damage. Since peanuts are a very lightweight form of packing fill, you can use them to take up extra space around pieces that are wrapped in bubble or flat packing material.

Flat Packing Material
Items like newsprint sheets and chipboard pads are great separators for flat materials packed in padded bubble mailers so that items don't get stuck together. Use these flat options to separate books, papers, magazines, or files that are shipped together. Thick flat packing materials, such as corrugated sheets, absorb impacts during shipment to reduce the risk of damage to the products. Sturdy flat board materials can be used to provide stability to flimsy items, such as clothing, so the receiver gets a pristine product.  Packing peanuts and bubble wrap rolls ensure that your packing job is done right.

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Scotch™ Cover-Up Rolls, 6"x15" Brown, Each
Item : 951569 / Model : RUCUR15
Add to Favorites
  • Quickly give used boxes a nest new look
  • Completely conceal old markings
  • Sticks to tape, boxes and mailers
Scotch™ Edge Reinforcers, 3"x 8", 24/Pack
Item : 951563 / Model : RUER24
Add to Favorites
  • Seal and reinfore box corners with strong peel-and-stick supports
  • Extra protection for shipping , strong, or moving new or used boxes
  • Edge reinforcers' can be cut to fit different box sizes
Scotch™ Cover-Up Sheets, 12"x12", White, 6/Pack
Item : 951571 / Model : RUCUS6WH
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  • Quickly give used boxes a nest new look
  • Completely conceal old markings
  • Sticks to tape, boxes and mailers