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Cash Handling

These cash handling materials are ideal for ensuring your cash is always safe. Some feature electronic counting and sorting to make handling large amounts of money easy. Use these counters along with currency straps and coin wrappers to sort and transport cash at the end of the day.

Many of these cash handling pieces include locks to keep money secure during transport or when the business is closed. These cash boxes and drawers often feature segmented sections for easy organization, as well. Sort your cash and lock it safely away in a secure cabinet or safe until you need to access it again, and ensure only those who have permission can access your money.

Deposit Bags
Deposit bags are secure, convenient ways to transfer money from your business to the bank for deposit. Some feature tamper-resistant materials that make it easy to tell when someone has attempted to gain access, so your money remains safe. These come as strong, clear polyethylene bags and durable solid bags with zippers that can be easily reused.

Counterfeit Detection
Keep counterfeit detection pens near your cash register to quickly and accurately test bills. These pens reduce the risk of losing money due to fake currency with the use of ink that reacts to counterfeit cash.

Use color coded coin trays, coin wrappers, and divided drawer inserts to easily sort and organize your money. These ensure you can access the exact money you want at a glance without having to sort through a mixture of different coins and bills. These organizational cash handling tools ensure procedures involving money move smoothly even during busy periods.

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