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Business Computers

Business computers come in a huge variety of styles and abilities, so grab the type that you need from Staples! Choose a high-end computer that will run complex graphics and handle multiple processor-heavy functions at the same time or select a cost-effective machine for basic office software and simple records keeping.

Desktop Delights
Desktops are the versatile workhorses of the computer world. Able to be easily upgraded and generally more cost effective than other forms of computer power, they'll handle most things you throw at them, if you have the right equipment. Easy to cool for maximum efficiency and simple to mend, these business computers can be found in almost every office. They're also more secure, as it's harder to remove them without someone noticing.

Mobile Laptops
For those on the run, business laptops offer a great alternative to desktops. Their primary advantage is that they're easy to carry, and they sacrifice a little hard drive space and processor power to do so. Low-energy processors help maintain battery life, whereas powerful processors with quad and even hex cores ensure you'll be able to do almost anything on your laptop. If you anticipate you'll need to use graphics programs or even game, make sure you choose one with a separate graphics card.

The ultimate in portability, these business computers aren't even considered as computers by many. Tablets give you maximum portability that lets you access basic computing in a low-powered, low graphics form. Access basic email and office functionality along with the Internet, and use it to entertain yourself on long trips. To keep it protected, use a tablet cover.

So go ahead, increase your productivity with our expanded assortment of business grade computers, tablets, laptops, and monitors. has all the technology you need to run your business.


Business Computing
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