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Card Files, Cases & Holders

Card files and holders make it easy for you to keep each client's contact information in one convenient location. Card holders also allow you to put your business cards on display in your office. Choose from reputable brands such as Rolodex, Staples, and Oxford.

Easy-To-Use Rotary Desktop Designs
Use open or covered rotary files to store up to 1,000 names, addresses, and phone numbers right on your desktop. These durable space-saving information organizers follow an alphabetical filing system, allowing you to easily locate the contact information of any client or customer within a matter of seconds.

Durable Construction
Constructed of durable plastic, metal, and other strong materials, these card files and holders are designed to last for many years. You can also use laminating machines to enhance the durability of the business cards you put on display while simultaneously giving your cards a more professional look and feel.

Holds Hundreds of Cards
Desktop and wall-mountable designs make it easy for you to put your business cards on display for clients to easily grab as they enter or exit your office. Choose clear business card holders with an inclining stair-step design that holds hundreds of cards at once. If you share your office with one or more business partners, choose larger card holders that have four or more card slots.

Portable Card Holders
Portable card holders are perfect for business professionals who always want to keep important client information on-hand. Vinyl business card books, business card binders, and genuine leather planners with business card slots are also available. Most portable card holders can comfortably hold between 50 and 100 cards, and you can tote them around in your briefcase, purse, or laptop bag.

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