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Presentation Books

Presentation books not only look good, but they keep your information where you need it. With sleeves, each page of your presentation will stay neatly in its place, eliminating having to fumble through pages of paper to find the information you need.

Choose Your Style
Presentation books, folders, and sleeves can be mixed and matched to meet your office supplies needs. If you are delivering somber news or  creating a report for a conservative audience, choose from a  wide array of clear, gray or other muted colors for your presentation. For a younger or more quirky audience, choose from the selection of brightly-colored binders and sleeves to create a modern, fresh look.

Sturdy Folders
These presentation books are made of recycled materials and can handle as many as 24 sleeves. All the pages of your report or presentation will stay neatly in place until you need them. For recipients, the books are an ideal way for them to keep track of the information presented as well as safely transport the pages from one place to another. Whether you have just a few pages of information to share with your audience or are giving an entire seminar may take several days to prepare for, presentation books and sleeves help you organize your thoughts and topics.

Pick From Your Favorite Brands
Find a wide range of brands to choose from when selecting your presentation supplies. If you have a particular company you prefer, find items specifically from that brand that are compatible with your presentation books. Creating a quality presentation with the items you need using brands and products you trust and love has never been easier.

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