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I/O Magic Disc Drives & Burners

Use disc drives and burners to read and record your data backups. Choose DVD drives that play pre-recorded media and write to blank media. Select internal drives to upgrade your computer system, or select external drives for plug-and-play convenience.

Fast Read and Write Speeds
Disc drives and burners with fast read and write speeds augment efficiency at home or in the office. Discover internal SATA DVD-RW drives from brands such as Asus and Memorex that quickly install inside your laptop or desktop computer to provide read speeds of up to 16x for DVDs and 24x for CDs. Select portable drives from Buffalo that offer lightning-fast speeds, easy connectivity, and effortless use when you're on the go.

Flexible Data Recording
Choose disc drives and burners that work with a variety of blank media as a handy way to read and record information. Combination drives from Toshiba and Kanguru give you the option of using both blank CDs and DVDs for recording. Multiformat drives from Aluratek give you the option of writing in a variety of DVD formats, allowing you to record media for playback on standard DVD players as well as computers. Blu-ray burners from ASUS give you the option of recording directly to blank Blu-ray discs.

Standalone Convenience
Choose disc drives and burners that operate without the need for a computer. Discover DVD/CD duplicators from Tascam that make mass media production simple and fast. External drives from brands including Buffalo, I/O, and LG require connectivity with a computer but offer an added layer of convenience when you're traveling or commuting.
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I/O Magic 24x External DVD-RW Drive
Item : 913632 / Model : IDVD24DLE
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  • 24x DVD-RW and 48x CD-R read/write speed
  • Connects via high-speed USB 2.0
  • Double-layer writing capability lets you store up to 8.5 GB on compatible DVDs
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I/O Magic IBC1PE2 6x Blu-Ray Slim Portable Combo Drive
Item : 392097 / Model : IBC1PE2
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  • Write Speed: DVD-R 8x / DVD-R DL 6x / DVD-RW 6x DVD+R 8x / DVD+R DL 6x / DVD+RW 8x CD-R 24x / CD+RW 24x
  • Read Speed: BD-ROM 6x / DVD-ROM 8x / CD-R 24x
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista / XP / 7
I/O Magic IDVD24S Internal SATA DVD Burner
Item : IM1TB7693 / Model : IDVD24S
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  • 16x
  • 48x
  • SATA
I/O Magic IBD1 14x SATA Internal Blu-Ray Burner
Item : IM1TB7694 / Model : IBD1
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  • Hard drive accessory type: Blu-ray drive
  • Store up-to 25 GB on single layer BD discs, or 50 GB on double layer discs
  • Triple writer supports BD, DVD and CD media
I/O Magic IDVD8PB3 Slim External DVD-Writer
Item : IM1TB7690 / Model : IDVD8PB3
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  • 8x
  • 24x
  • Host USB 2.0
I/O Magic IBD1E External 6x Blu-Ray ReWritable Drive
Item : IM1TB7695 / Model : IBD1E
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  • Max DVD read speed: 16x
  • Maximum CD read speed: 48x
  • Interfaces: USB 2.0