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Chains can be used for many purposes, from decorative to utilitarian. Choose steel chains for the flexibility in their application, from pulling heavy objects to towing. When you want to embellish your garden, use plastic chains.

Tested for Safety
When used in applications requiring tough equipment, select chains that are tested for adherence to officially recognized rules, regulations, and high load limits; many chains have working load limits that vary depending on the material and how the chain was created. Chains come labeled with different grades so you can choose the proper chain to perform a job safely. Eliminate worries about snapped or broken chains by selecting ones made from approved and certified materials for the job you want to accomplish.

Strong and Useful
Whether you choose steel alloy or plastic, chains provide high-quality stability and strength, and chains come with links of different sizes and diameters. Choose carbon steel chains or chains with thicker links that are made for high weight loads for worry-free moving of heavy objects, or opt for heat-treated chains to withstand higher load limits. Cut chains to the size that you need them, attach large diameter chains to each other, create longer chains by using coupling links, or use chains with hooks to ensure that objects are safely secured.

Easy Storage
Chains can be stored simply by wrapping them around a spool or coiling them into a box, eliminating unsightly tangles that are difficult to undo. For organized storage, choose chains with integrated hooks on the ends that can fasten together. Chains come in a variety of colors for visual reference and are easy to hang over racks, so you can grab the right chain when you need it.

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