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CPR Masks

CPR masks prevent direct contact with the mouth and nose of the patient during resuscitation, reducing the chance of disease transmission. Supply first responders with CPR masks to address safety concerns. Stock several in emergency response vehicles for immediate access.

A one-way valve and filter on many CPR masks make them a safe alternative to direct contact during resuscitation, allowing first responders to focus on providing lifesaving CPR. A flexible shield conforms to the patient's face, covering the area around the mouth and nose for maximum protection. Avoid allergic reactions by opting for a latex-free version.

Stock several CPR masks in first-aid kits to prepare for multiple resuscitation attempts. Their often small size makes finding a spot to store the masks an easy task, even in small compartments. Attach a mask to the first response vehicle keys using a bright blue key ring and pouch for immediate availability in the case of an emergency, or hook one to each responder's belt loop to avoid wasting valuable time running back to the first response vehicle.

One Size
A flexible design makes CPR masks appropriate for use with both children and adults, simplifying the tool kit of the first responder. Vary the angle of resuscitation with a one-size-fits-all mask to achieve maximum airflow, using mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose resuscitation depending upon the age and size of the patient

Easy to Use
Printed instructions on the front of most packaging instruct the first responder on placement and use of the CPR masks when time is of the essence. Visually remind first responders of important placement concerns, hastening the delivery of lifesaving treatment without compromising quality.

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