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Cable Management

Cable management can be a hassle, but these low-profile options are easy to use and quick to install. Add these to any office that uses numerous electronics for a clean, professional look, no matter how many cables there are. Plus, you can reduce safety hazards by keeping loose cords off the floor.

Hard plastic tubing can easily hold a number of cables. These cord management tubes are flexible, allowing you to move them around desk legs and corners to fit exactly where they are needed. Tubes are typically stiff enough to protect cords and wires from being damaged from wandering feet or chair legs.

Ties and Straps
Ties and straps help bundle cords together without fully covering the entirety of the wires. Use these options for areas with many computer cables, because they can easily bundle a high number of cords. These are ideal for use in server rooms or entertainment areas with many cords going in the same direction.

This option is flatter than many of the others and is a good choice for cables that cross walking paths. Flattening individual cables or cable bundles makes it less likely for people to trip over them, resulting in a safer workplace. Choose from among multiple colors to blend in with your flooring.

Prevents Tangles
Cable management products help keep cords straight and tangle free, even when there are many of them. Cords without tangles are easier to change out when you replace electronics, and a lack of tangles reduces the risk of damage to the cords, so they are less likely to need frequent replacement.

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