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Calculator Accessories

Calculator accessories help you make the most of your printing and graphing calculators. These tools are invaluable for many business applications, including statistics analyses and sales calculations. Accessories ensure your systems will keep running while delivering enhanced functionality.

Easily Legible Printing
High-quality ink on rollers and ribbons helps ensure that you can easily read the information created by your printing calculators or calculators attached to standalone printing devices. Rollers and ribbons are simple tools that deliver an even flow of ink to the surface of the paper. Modern versions include smear-free designs and inks designed for archival use and long-term storage.

Extended Operation
Advanced battery designs allow for even greater runtimes for portable calculators, and charging stations can further enhance the runtimes. Many accessories further extend operations by providing larger rolls of paper for high-quality printing calculators or power supplies for nonstop operation of powerful graphing calculators. These tools help ensure that your systems continue running when you need them most.

Effective Tracking
Accessories help ensure that tracking calculated information is as easy as possible. Additional memory expansion or storage cards allow you to store digital copies of inputs and results, and printer paper and inks make it easy to keep hard copies of sales and tracking information. Effective tracking leads to greater operational efficiency for your business.

Simplified Sharing
Many modern graphing calculators feature ports that allow them to connect to printers or display screens for easy sharing. Cables designed specifically for this purpose provide loss-free data transmission that allows you to easily deliver information to assembled groups of investors and customers. Many cables work with a variety of different screens or printer types.


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    Canon CJ3A Black Ink Cartridge (4196A003)
    Item 404459
    Model E91-0420-210

    Canon CJ3A Black Ink Cartridge (4196A003)

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    Canon CJ3A Black Ink Cartridge (4196A003)
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    • Original Canon ink cartridge are designed specifically to work with Canon printers for exceptional reliability and performance
    • Ink Color: Black
    • Inkjet/Deskjet Machines: BP120DH, 1025D, 1200D, 1210D, 1225D
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1 items
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