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Calendars & Planners

Use convenient calendars and planners to stay on schedule. Plenty of room for personal notes helps improve efficiency. Whether you're tracking upcoming meetings or planning your workday, organization tools from Day-Timer, DayMinder, Franklin Covey, and AT-A-GLANCE deliver the reliability you need.

Manage Your Time
Managing your time is simple when you have calendars and planners with features that optimize organization. Day planners and appointment books with the month or date already preprinted on each page let you fill in details without having to figure out the day of the week for each date. Erasable wall calendars and blank planner pages provide a basic template that can be used for any month, week, or day.

Visualize Your Schedule
Because calendars and planners are organized with blocks for each day or hour, you can easily get an idea of when your schedule is full and when you are already booked without having to double check days and dates. With a wall calendar, you can even see your schedule from across the room while you're chatting with a client on the phone or sitting at your desk discussing upcoming project deadlines with a colleague.

Jot Down Notes
Calendars, day planners, and personal organizers give you plenty of room to jot down notes about upcoming items on your schedule so you can keep track of who will be attending a particular event or venue details. Some pages also have extra space on the side for transcribing information gathered at your meeting or appointment, giving you a convenient way to refer back to your notes later. Because you can easily mark up the pages, day planners make it simple to cross out events that have already occurred and ensure you haven't fallen behind or missed anything important.


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